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Heli Ski U.S. Association

PNH is proud to be a member of the Heli Ski US Association. There are only 3 heli ski operations in Alaska that meet these standards and Points North is proud to be one of them.

logo_heliskius_medThe Heli Ski US Association is a professional organization dedicated to the following:

  • Establishing the highest quality guide & safety and operations guidelines for Helicopter Skiing in the United States.
  • Creating an educational resource for Helicopter Ski Operators, government, public, and private agencies.
  • Promoting the sport of Helicopter Skiing in the United States through cooperative marketing, advertising and public relations.
  • Building a membership base with positive credibility and political influence.

Make sure to look for the Heli Ski U.S. logo whenever you go helicopter skiing in the United States.

Print out the PNH Brochure.
Download it here. PDF Format.
Licensed and permitted by the State of Alaska.
Member of Heli Ski U.S. Association

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