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Trip Preparation Checklist

You will likely have many questions as you start to prepare to join us in Cordova. We’ve tried to cover a few of the more frequent questions that we get after you have booked your trip.

How to get to Cordova

Airlines and destinations

  • Alaska Airlines (Anchorage, Yakutat)
    Alaska Airlines is the major carrier into the Cordova Airport. Most flights come from Anchorage, although there is an option to fly up the coast through Juneau.
  • Arctic Circle Air (Anchorage)
  • Era Aviation (Anchorage)

After flying with the regular scheduled carriers to Alaska, join Alaska Air Transit for a more unique travel option to Cordova. Alaska Air Transit

Form Preview

These Adobe PDF forms are for your review only, PNH will provide them to you upon arrival and you will be required to sign them at that time.

Travel Insurance

Our cancellation and refund policies are absolute. We highly recommend travel insurance for all of our guests. Travel insurance covers you for unexpected cancellations, injuries, lost or stolen luggage and more. It is a very in-expensive price to ensure your trips success.

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