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Orca Lodge in Cordova, Alaska Rates

There are no roads or highways that run through the middle of our land. All of our clients fly from our lodge and back to our lodge via helicopter each day. We have multiple fuel caches in the field. You are never on a peak and told to ski to the road for a shuttle bus pick up. The price one pays for his/her day is based on our heli-hour rate, averages around $975 (for 7-9 runs) $1200 (for 9-12 runs). Most operations sell a vertical package or a 6 run day, which is great however, at PNH it is very common to obtain 6 runs by lunchtime. An average ski day is generally 8-12 runs in the given area we are flying that day . . . Read More.

Private A-Star Helicopter Rates

What a great way to experience the Chugach Mountains with a private A-Star B2. With a group of 8, and 2 PNH guides, the entire 2000 square ski-able miles of terrain are yours for the taking. If your group ability is expert level, the gems of the Chugach as well as many first descents are available to you . . . Read More.

Private Heli Ski Cruise Rates

Points North is proud to announce the newest edition to its fleet…The Maritime Maid. This beautiful 85 foot vessel can take you to places no other heli operation in the world can. You and 7 friends can book this private boat with helicopter for a 7 day adventure of a lifetime! This is an all inclusive trip providing accommodations and meals aboard the Maritime Maid. You get your own private helicopter with a total of 8 flight hours for 5 possible ski days. All heli time is cumulative and is non refundable. This means that you can burn any amount of heli time you desire each and every day until you meet your 8 hour total . . . Read More.

Alaskan Ladies Camp Rates

This is a fun, informal camp for those ladies that want to progress their level of skiing in the big mountains of Alaska. The camp will be a very smooth transition to eventually skiing more technical lines with extensive sluff management, line selection, air’s and much more. The theme of the camp will be all about support, communication and there will be zero attitude or pressure. We also go over extensive beacon training, helicopter orientation, rope skills and crevasse rescue training. Non Fly-Days will consist of ski touring, enjoying the local ski area Mt Eyak, ice climbing and adventure hikes . . . Read More.

Lifetime Passes

Due to the overwhelming response to our Gold Pass Program, we decided to create the “Big Daddy” of all ski passes. We want you to come and enjoy PNH for a lifetime. The reason we are the most successful heli-ski operation in Alaska is simple. We access the best terrain in the world, and we provide the most complete lodging experience anywhere in Alaska. Our return rate of over 70% confirms what guests have been saying since the first season: they want to come back forever. Now they can . . . Read More.

*Points North and its employees does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, sex, nationality, age, or disability or by refusing accommodations, facilities, services, or privileges offered to the general public.

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