Down Day Activities

At Points North Heli, we offer a variety of activities around the area when it’s piling up in the mountains.

This is where PNH separates itself from all other heli operations in the world. The natural setting of being located directly on Prince William Sound and surrounded by the mountains creates the perfect playground for enjoying what Alaska has to offer.

We have a sea-kayaks, boats to take you fishing, ice climbing, snowshoe tours, ski touring, adventure hikes and glacier tours. Yet, one of the all-time favorites is riding at Mt. Eyak followed by fish and chips and a few of your favorite adult beverages at the Reluctant Fisherman overlooking Cordova Marina.

Mt. Eyak Ski Area

Local chair lift in town accessing 1500 vertical feet. Mt. Eyak will be one of the most memorable ski areas you will ever experience. The view is spectacular as you overlook Prince William Sound and the town of Cordova. Runs range from bunny hill to expert and is a challenge for any skill level. It is the oldest chair lift in North America from Sun Valley, Idaho.

Ticket Prices
$25 – day pass
The lift can also be used to jump start your hike or skin up the ridge in the backyard. Take the lift and after a short hike, you can be skiing back down to lodge for dinner!

Mountain Statistics

  • Base Elevation: 400 feet (122 meters)
  • Summit Elevation: 1,200 feet (366 meters)
  • Vertical Drop: 800 feet (244 meters)
  • Annual Snowfall: 350 inches (889 cm)
  • Number of Lifts: 1
  • Types of Lifts: Single Chair
  • Number of Trails: 30
  • Longest Run: 750 feet (229 meters)

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The Glaciers of Cordova

The views and photo opportunities are endless.

You can take a guided or self guided trip on all of our glaciers here in Cordova. Each glacier trip can be expedition style or be geared more to the educational approach. All essential equipment for safe travel on the glacier is available for rental on site.

Sea Kayaking

Orca Inlet is simply stunning by sea kayak.

Prince William Sound has the best Alaska kayaking and the greatest diversity of wildlife habitat along the entire Northern Pacific Coast; and it is right outside your door! The protected waters of the Orca Inlet offer safe, scenic passage for both beginners and experienced kayakers.

Area Hiking Trails

Cordova is home to world renowned hiking trails.

The town of Cordova takes pride in their trail up keep and every year builds new trails. The shortest hike, “Haystack” trail, is around a 45 minute trek and has wildlife galore in a natural rain forest setting. “Big Tree” hike, skirts along the Heney Range with a Prince William Sound backdrop taking you to a the biggest tree in Cordova. Then you have “McKinney Lakes” trail and other numerous trails that are longer, 2-3 hour mission where you bring a packed lunch and make a day of it.

Ice Climbing

Cordova, Alaska is the home to many glaciers.

These glaciers all host amazing ice caves and cracks, which makes it visually beautiful to ice climb as well as challenging. Ice climbing takes many forms but, unsurprisingly, the basic principle it to ascend some form of frozen water using ice axes and crampons. This may be compacted ice on an alpine North faces, very compacted ice on glaciers, or frozen, near vertical, waterfalls and water seepage’s from cliff sides. A short walk or snowmobile easily accesses many of our glaciers. Points North will supply guests with the necessary instruction and equipment is available for a small rental fee.

Alaska Fly Fishing

Dry Fly Fishing for Chrome Bright Silver Salmon

Cordova has a number of opportunities for fly-fishing during the spring. The elusive Steelhead is available to the angler as well as the Dolly Varden. The Steelhead is a fish that takes time and patience however with persistence rewards can bring lifelong memories. This mission requires a boat or helicopter. Dolly Varden are fairly easy to catch and endless in numbers. This is a great activity when visiting Cordova and does not cost a thing. There are a number of roadside streams offering Dolly’s in the spring.

Wildlife Viewing

Cordova, Alaska offers abundant opportunities to view some of Alaska’s best wildlife!

Three different environments combine in this area to provide a variety of different species that are uniquely Alaskan. As Orca Adventure Lodge sits right on the Prince William Sound at the base of the Chugach Mountain Range, there are many bald eagles that call Orca home. At any given time you can view sea otters playing in the Sound just off the dock and bald eagles perched in the treetops behind the lodge scouting their next meal.

Area Wildlife

  • Moose
  • Beaver
  • Black Bear
  • Brown Bear
  • Wolf
  • Coyote
  • Fox
  • Mink
  • Wolverine

The birdlife is amazing out on the Copper River Delta. In fact, the Delta is home to the densest waterfowl population in Alaska. People travel from around the globe in order to see the Shorebirds arrive in late Spring.

Area Birdlife

  • Bald Eagle
  • Golden Eagle
  • Hawks
  • Falcons
  • Trumpeter Swan

With Prince William Sound directly out your front door, you are also bound to view some amazing sea and shore wildlife. The Sound is home to Humpback and Orca Whales, seals, sea lions and sea otters.

Whether you are seeking out Alaska’s wildlife or not, you are bound to view a wide variety of fascination wildlife during your visit to Points North Heli-Adventures this Spring.

Bike Fleet

Cruise along the Orca Inlet into to explore Cordova.

Our base is located at the Orca Adventure Lodge which is just outside of Cordova, Alaska. The road to the lodge follows the shoreline of the Orca Inlet for 3.5 miles and provides incredible views of the Prince William Sound and the surrounding mountains. Grab a few friends, hop on a bike and roll on into town to discover some of Cordova’s charm. Stroll through the marina, grab a coffee from the bookstore, or shoot some pool at the bar. Cordova is a true Alaskan fishing village and its definitely worth spending some time discovering her charm.